Waveform Data

Seismic data from Denmark and Greenland : AutoDRM, Seedlink or seleceted events

Waveform data from Denmark and Greenland are available through the Automatic Data Request Manager (AutoDRM) running at GEUS. Please send an e-mail containing the word "help" to autodrm@geus.dk for instructions, or refer to the ETHZ AutoDRM homepage. Please note that the GEUS autoDRM can only ftp data to our own anonymous ftp-site, and that the ftp-option has a delay of up to 10 minutes.

Data from the Danish stations are available near real-time, data from Greenland are from 24 hours to 4 weeks behind. Typically about two months of data are kept on-line. For older data Seedlink data or in case of problems, please write to seismologi@geus.dk
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List of waveform data from selected events:
Title Time Format Opgaver
Anholt earthquake 2012, AUG 6, 02:57 SEISAN MSEED SAC GSE GSEINT Opgave
North Sea earthquake 2010, FEB 19, 21:09 SEISAN MSEED SAC GSE GSEINT
Skaane earthquake 2008, DEC 16, 05:20 SEISAN MSEED SAC GSE GSEINT Opgave

A AutoDRM request could look like this :
MSG_ID 2008-12-16-eq
TIME 2008/12/16 05:20:0.0 TO 2008/12/16 05:22:0.0
EMAIL you@internet.mail

Selected seismograms are seen here: LINK
Data shown below is from the broad band station at Bornholm: