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3.12 Setting general SEISAN defaults, SEISAN.DEF

There are several parameters which are common for several programs which are set in the file SEISAN.DEF. This file can be in your local directory or the DAT directory. The system will first look in the local directory, but normally the file is in the DAT directory. The file does not have to be there since there are defaults for all parameters, but the parameters might need to be set.

The format of the file is as shown below:

This file is for defaults for SEISAN and called SEISAN.DEF. The name must
be in upper case on Sun. The following shows the parameters which can be set.
The file can contain any lines in any order, only the lines with 
recognized keywords and a non blank field under Par 1 will be read. The
comments have no importance.

*********NEVER USE TABS IN THIS FILE, IT WILL NOT WORK*****************

KEYWORD............Comments.............Par 1.....Par 2
# waveform files location andother waveform stuf
WAVEFORM_BASE      Waveform bases
WAVEFORM_DIRS      Waveform drectory    /net/seismo/seismo/WOR/seisnet
MERGE_WAVEFORM     Code for merging wa  NSN
COPY_WAV_DIR       Copy when register   
CONFIRMATION       Confirm when delete
#   seisan cont data base
CONT_BASE          REA continuous base  RUND
CONT_BASE          REA continuous base  JMI
CONT_BASE          REA continuous base  NSS
CONT_BEFORE        start min before     20.
CONT_AFTER         start min after      1.
# position in file name for continous files where year yyyy and month mm starts
# archive
ARC_CHAN                                SFJD LHZIU10
ARC_CHAN                                KBS  LHZGE10
ARC_CHAN                                DAG  LHZGE
ARC_CHAN                                TULEGLHZDK
ARC_CHAN                                BSD  LHZDK
ARC_CHAN                                BORG LHZII10        20020101  20150202
ARC_ARCHIVE                             ./archive                         
ARC_DURATION                            10000.0
ARC_START_TIME                          100.0
ARC_TYPE                                1.0                        
ARC_BY_DEFAULT                          0.0      
# virtual networks                      NAME      SCNL
# several networks can be defined
ARC_VIRTUAL_NETWORK                     _DK       BSD  LHZDK  
ARC_VIRTUAL_NETWORK                     _NO       KBS  LHZGE10
# ... 
# PREM velocity and density model, Q model not known, Q is average along path,
# not Q in layer. Q might be distance dependent. Kappas are low values.
SPEC KAPPA p and kappa s                0.01        0.02
SPEC Q BELOW 1 HZ, P,S                  1.0         1.0
#                                      depth  vp   vs  Q0p  Qal  Q0s  Qal dens
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      3.0  5.8  3.2  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  2.6 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      15.0 6.8  3.9  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  2.9 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      24.0 8.1  4.5  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.4 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      80.0 8.1  4.5  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.4
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      171. 8.0  4.4  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.4 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      220. 8.6  4.6  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.4 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      271. 8.7  4.7  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.5 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      371. 8.9  4.8  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.5
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      400. 9.1  4.9  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.7 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      471. 9.5  5.1  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.8 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      571. 10.0 5.4  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  3.9 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      600. 10.2 5.5  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  4.0  
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      670. 10.3 5.6  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  4.0 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      771. 11.1 6.2  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  4.4 
SPEC MODEL h,vp,vs,qp,qap,qs,qas,d      871. 11.2 6.3  500. 0.7  400. 0.7  4.5 
#   for geometrical spreading
SPECTRAL GEO_DEPTHS                     10.0       14.0
HERKIJ_DISTANCE                         100.0
#  for FOCMEC
FOCMEC MAXSOL      max solutions        125.
#   for MAP program and map option in EEV, also GMT
MAP_LAT_BORDER     dist from center       3.0
MAP_LON_BORDER          "                 6.0
EPIMAP_STATIONS    plot stations
EPIMAP_MAP_FILE    name of map          EUROPE 
EPIMAP_PROJECTION  number                  3.
GMT_GRIDFILE                            c:\a\gmt\newbathy.grd
#   EEV related 
EEV_COMMENT        Comment for EEV      Depth has benn fixed to 10 km
EEV_COMMENT        Comment for EEV      Depth has been fixed to 20 km
REG_KEEP_AUTO      Keep phases when reg    1.
TEXT_PRINT         Print command s-file nenscript -Psps
AUTO_PROCESS       Run prog. when reg.
# Parameters for plotting type P(icture) files in EEV
PLOT_PDF_COMMAND       for linux        evince  
#PLOT_PDF_COMMAND       for windows      start acrord32.exe
PLOT_PICTURE_COMMAND   for linux        display
#PLOT_PICTURE_COMMAND   for windows      \Programfioler\irfanview\i_view32 
PLOT_PS_COMMAND         for windows     gswin32
#PLOT_PS_COMMAND         for linux       gv                
#   hypocenter and a few others 
HIGH_ACCURACY      Set high accuracy
# order to select magnitudes as given here from top (high priortiy) to bottom (low priority)
MAGNITUDE_ORDER                         WGCM
MAGNITUDE_ORDER                         LBER
MAGNITUDE_ORDER                         WBER
#   general SEISAN
SEISAN_LOGGING     on off, 1, 0         0.0
CURSOR             0: default, 1: cross 1.
#FONT                                    -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--24-240-75-75-m-150-iso8859-1
# parameters for gmap used within eev
GMAP_DIR                                c:/seismo/WOR
GMAP_TYPE                               MAP          [MAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID, TERRAIN]
#GMAP_SIZE                               2.0  2.0  
# parameters for gmap
GMAP_ICON_MSIZE                         0.5
GMAP_ICON_XSIZE                         0.2
GMAP_ICON_YSIZE                         0.5
#GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <!-- lines to be appended to the gmap.kml file : -->
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <ScreenOverlay id="LOGO">
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <name>Info and links</name>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <description> <![CDATA[
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         Data is in Nordic format. The format is <br>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         described in the Seisan manual at UIB.<br>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         UIB:<br> ]]>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         </description>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <Icon>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                          <href></href>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         </Icon>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <overlayXY x="0" y="1" xunits="fraction" yunits="fraction"/>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <screenXY x="-0.01" y="0.99" xunits="fraction" yunits="fraction"/>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <rotationXY x="0" y="0" xunits="fraction" yunits="fraction"/>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <size x="0.1" y="0.1" xunits="fraction" yunits="fraction"/>
GMAP_APPEND_KML                         </ScreenOverlay>
#GMAP_APPEND_KML                         <!-- end of appended lines -->
# parameters for automatic gmap
GMAP_AUTO      0: no, 1:yes             1.0
GMAP_AUTO_ICON_COLOR                    ff0000ff
GMAP_AUTO_ICON_MSIZE                    0.5
GMAP_AUTO_ICON_XSIZE                    0.2
GMAP_AUTO_ICON_YSIZE                    0.5
GMAP_AUTO_LOOKAT_ALTITUDE               2000000.0
GMAP_AUTO_SHOW_STAT  0: no, 1:yes       1.
GMAP_AUTO_ERROR_ELLIPSE  0: no, 1:yes   1.
GMAP_AUTO_STAT_SIZE                     1.1
GMAP_AUTO_STAT_COLOR_GOOD               ff00ff00
GMAP_AUTO_STAT_COLOR_OK                 ff00ffff
GMAP_AUTO_STAT_COLOR_BAD                ff0000ff
GMAP_AUTO_OLD_LOCATION_COLOR            ffff0000
GMAP_AUTO_SHOW_PATH   0: no, 1:yes      1.
GMAP_AUTO_PATH_COLOR                    ff929292
GMAP_AUTO_PATH_WIDTH                    2.5
GMAP_AUTO_FILE_ACTION  0: no, 1:yes     0.
GMAP_AUTO_ACTION                        cp gmap.cur.kml /inetpub/www/html/seismo/nnsn
# e.g. GMAP_AUTO_ACTION    ncftpput -u seismo -p passwd ftp.server /home/seismo/www gmap.cur.kml

The parameters are:

ALERT EMAIL: Give email addresses (more than one are given by repeating the key word with one new address per line) to which email command in EEV will send.


CONFIRMATION: Level of confirmation required for example when deleting files, 0.=no confirmation and 1.=always confirm. (at the moment only used in eev)

CONT_BASE: Waveform database to be searched (there can be several). The base is selected as a default in base selection box in MULPLT if flag is 1.0. Example:

CONT_YEAR_MONTH_POSTION_FILE: File name of file in continuous data base: First parmeter is the start position in the file name of the 4 digit year and second paramter is the start position of the 2 digit month. This paramter is also used for normal waveform files referenced in the S-file.

CONT_BASE selected by default           ESK            1.
CONT_BASE not sel by default            EDI            0.

ARC_ARCHIVE: Path to BUD or SeiscomP archive

ARC_TYPE: Type of archive, 0: BUD, 1: SeisComP

ARC_START_TIME: Deafault time(sec) to start before origin time

ARC_DURATION: Duration of segment(sec)

ARC_BY_DEFAULT: 0: not used, 1: Plot whole archve even when no archive has been specified in S-file, 2: Same as 1 but only stations with readings

ARC_CHAN: BUD or SeiscomP data that MULPLT will plot, given by station code, channel name, network code and location id.Optionally, the archive channel specification lines can have a time interval of validity. This is to avoid unnecessary checking of archive files if the archive has channels from different time periods. The format is: yyyymmddhh for both start and end time, only as much info as needed has to be specified. If start time is blank, start time is very early, if end time is blank, no end time. The start end end times are written in columns 61-70 and 71-80 respectively.

CONT_BEFORE: Minutes to read into the memory before the required start time (must be at least the length of a waveform file)

CONT_AFTER: Minutes to read into the memory after the data that is plotted

CONT_YEAR_MONTH_POSTION_FILE: Position in cont file name where year yyyy and month mm starts, all files must have the same format.

COPY_WAV_DIR: Normally, waveform files are copied to WAV when registering an event. If this parameter is set, waveform files can be copied to the WAV data base specified. Max 5 characters.

CURSOR: Select cursor: 0. for pointer, 1 for cross and 2 for crosshair (Unix only, on PC only pointer is available)).

EEV_COMMENT: Comments entered can then be used with EEV command ic. There can be any number of comments, max length 40 chars.

EPIMAP_MAP_FILE: The map coordinates file to use with MAP option in EEV

Epimap projection. The projection number used by EPIMAP, see EPIMAP program for choices.

EPIMAP_STATIONS: One letter indicator for plotting stations, in first column. See EPIMAP program for codes. A is all.

FOCMEC MAXSOL: Maximum number of solutions in FOCMEC grid search, default is 100, however, it may be required to allow for more solutions.

FONT: Select font available on X system. To check available fonts use command `xlsfonts' or `xfontsel' and `xfd -fn font' to display a font. (Unix only)

HIGH_ACCURACY: Setting it to 1.0 enables high accuracy operation. This parameter affects programs MULPLT, HYP and UPDATE

HYPO71_OFFSET: Apply offset in degree to station and epicenter locations, required for example when not all stations are either east or west of 0 longitude.

MAGNITUDE_ORDER: A list of magnitude type and agency (e.g., LBER for ML from agency BER) can be given to specify the order of magnitudes for selection. The order is given by listing different magnitudes from top to bottom, where the magnitude at the top has highest priority and the bottom one the lowest. It is possible to leave either magnitude or agency blank in which case the blank represents a wildcard. This parameter is currently used by the program norcsv only.

MAILX COMMAND: Full path to mailx command (Unix only), which is used by email command in EEV.

MAP_LAT_BORDER, MAP_LON_BORDER: These parameters are used with command MAP and MAPG in EEV, which plot a map centered on current epicenter. The two parameters give the distance in degrees from the epicenter that the map should be plotted. If both set to `0.' EEV will ask for the parameters. Parameter is the same as EPIMAP_LAT_BORDER and EPIMAP_LON_BORDER


MERGE_WAVEFORM: The network code given to waveform files merged with MULPLT when running from EEV. See MULPLT and EEV. Also used in WAVETOOL and SEISEI. Max 5 characters.

SPECTRAL_GEO_DEPTHS and HERKIJ_DISTANCE. See MULPLT spectral section for explanation. Parameters used to calculate geometrical spreading.

SPEC KAPPA: P and S kappa values used with spec model.

SPEC Q BELOW 1 HZ: P and S values (X) for how Q is a function of frequency below the paramter value X. The Q-function is as follows: if X=0.0 then Q=Q0*f**qalpha. If X > 0.0, then Q=Q0*(1+f/X)**qalpha whwere f is frequency. These parameters are only active if the spec model is used, de default is X=1.0. The default is thus no frequecy dependense below 1 Hz. See also MULPLT, MULPLT.DEF and AUTOMAG.

SPEC MODEL: Gives depth, p-velocity, s-velocity, qp0, qpalpha, qs0, qsalpha and density. One line per layer in incresing depths. Format after column 40 is 8f5.0

REG_AUTO_PROCESS: Name of program to run when registering event.

REG_KEEP_AUTO: If flag set to 1.0, keep automatic pics when registering event from EEV.

TEXT_PRINT: Printer command used to print an S-file from EEV.

WAVEFORM BASE: Name of waveform data base to be searched. Normally this is a 1-5 letter data base name. The name must be written as shown above under Par1. Not needed for the default data base. The data base must have standard WAV year-month structure. It is intended to be used if for some reason the user wants to store waveform files in an alterenve WAV structure instead of the the one corresponding to the S-file data base. If a waveform file is not found in the base corresponding to the S-file base, WAVEFORM_BASE's will be searched. WAVEFORM_DIRS: The complete path to directories where the system should look for waveform files. Searched last.

OUTPUT_DIR: Output Directory for SEISAN commands results. Default ``./''

SEISAN_LOGGING: Command to turn logging on or off (1. or 0.0). Default is on.

PLOT_PDF_COMMAND: Command to plot a PDF file. Command can be 40 characters.

PLOT_PICTURE_COMMAND: Command to plot a picture file like a png file. Could be display on Linux. Command can be 40 characters.

INTERNET_BROWSER: Location and place of browser

HELP_DIR: Directory of help files, usually INF

GMAP_DIR: The directory on your computer system where gmap.html is copied to when gmap is called in eev , see also section 10.4.

GMAP_TYPE: The type of background map used by Google Maps when gmap.html is opened in a browser options are :MAP, SATELLITE or HYBRID, TERRAIN.

GMAP_ICON_QUAKE: The gmap program used this parameter to defines the icon uses to illustrate an earthquake in Google Earth.

GMAP_ICON_EXPLOSION: The gmap program used this parameter to defines the icon uses to illustrate an explosion in Google Earth.

GMAP_ICON_PROB_EXPL: The gmap program used this parameter to defines the icon uses to illustrate a probable explosion in Google Earth.

GMAP_ICON_OTHER_EVENTS: The gmap program used this parameter to defines the icon uses to illustrate all other events in Google Earth.

GMAP_ICON_MSIZE: The gmap program will plot all events with a magnitude smaller than this with the size/scale of this value.

GMAP_ICON_XSIZE: The gmap program scale the epicenter icons with the formula :


GMAP_APPEND_KML: With this parameter you can append yor own Google Earth KML code the the output file of gmap. Note, there can only be 100 GMAP_APPEND_KML lines and the KML code must be given between character no. 41 and no. 120.

GMAP_AUTO: To enable of disable the automatic generation of kml files, use 0.0 to disable or 1.0 to enable

GMAP_AUTO_ICON_EVENT: Link to icon used to display epicenter of current event

GMAP_AUTO_ICON_COLOR: color of epicenter icon e.g. ff0000ff

GMAP_AUTO_ICON_MSIZE: The magnitude is set to this values, if it is smaller or missing, e.g. 0.5

GMAP_AUTO_ICON_XSIZE: The size of the epicenter icon is given by this formula:


GMAP_AUTO_LOOKAT_ALTITUDE: Altitude from where the epicenter is viewed, default is 2000000.0 meter.

GMAP_AUTO_SHOW_STAT: To show the used station, use 0.0 to disable or 1.0 to enable

GMAP_AUTO_ERROR_ELLIPSE: To show the error ellipse, use 0.0 to disable or 1.0 to enable

GMAP_AUTO_ELLIPSE_COLOR: Set color of ellipse line, default ff000000

GMAP_AUTO_ELLIPSE_WIDTH: Set width of ellipse line, default 2.0

GMAP_AUTO_STAT_SIZE: Size of used stations e.g. 1.1

GMAP_AUTO_STAT_RESIDAL_GOOD: Good travel time residuals are defined below this absolute value in seconds, e.g. 0.5

GMAP_AUTO_STAT_RESIDUAL_BAD: Bad travel time residuals are defined above this absolute value in seconds, e.g. 1.5

GMAP_AUTO_STAT_COLOR_GOOD: Color of good travel time residuals, e.g. ff00ff00

GMAP_AUTO_STAT_COLOR_OK: Color of travel time residuals between good and bad values, e.g. ff00ffff

GMAP_AUTO_STAT_COLOR_BAD: Color of bad travel time residuals, e.g. ff0000ff GMAP_AUTO_SHOW_OLD_LOCATION; To show the old epicenter og the current event, use 0.0 to disable or 1.0 to enable

GMAP_AUTO_OLD_LOCATION_COLOR: Color of old epicenter, e.g. ffff0000

GMAP_AUTO_SHOW_PATH: To show the raypath, use 0.0 to disable or 1.0 to enable

GMAP_AUTO_PATH_COLOR: Color of raypath, e.g. ff929292

GMAP_AUTO_PATH_WIDTH: Width of raypath, e.g. 2.5

GMAP_AUTO_FILE_ACTION: To make a system call at the end of each gmap automatic calls, use 0.0 to disable or 1.0 to enable

GMAP_AUTO_ACTION: System call to be executed, e.g. cp gmap.cur.kml /home/seismo/www or ncftpput -u seismo -p passwd ftp.server /home/seismo/www gmap.cur.kml

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