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3.4 Windows

It is assumed that you transferred the Windows distribution from Internet to a directory on the PC. In the following, it is assumed that you install on disk drive C. The windows graphics work with any resolution, small fonts should be used, however, SEISAN is designed to work with 1024x768 or more. SEISAN has not been tested on Windows XP or earlier Windows versions., Vistaand W8 has problems with some graphics programs.

Using install script

Click on seisan_v?.?.?_windows.msi and follow the instructions, use all defaults. If you later want to change some environmental variables, see instructions below. If SEISAN already is installed, a window comes up for a possible upgrade or removal of SEISAN. A new version cannot be installed witout removing the old one. SEISAN is now completely installed. Optionally, some parmeters can be set, se below.

OPTIONAL: Change environmental variables SEISAN_EDITOR, SEISAN_PSSCALE_X,
SEISAN_PSSCALE_Y and DEF_BASE (see UNIX section for definition) using control panel - system - advanced and select environmental variables. The defaults are respectively
SEISMO, notepad, A4 and AGA. SEISAN_TOP would be set as set SEISAN_TOP=\SEISMO, but could also be e.g. test\best\analysis or d:\seisan. Note there is one blank character at the end and the first character MUST be ``\'' or the second ``:''. If no seismo directory, it could e.g. be just E:. The Unix variable AGENCY is not used on the PC.

Optional: If you want to recompile, you need the Fortran Gnu compilers installed, see section on compilation below.

It is assumed that a Postscript printer is connected to the PC, either directly or by a network. When a program sends a plot to the printer, it issues the command SEISANPR. In the COM directory, there is a file called SEISANPR.BAT containing the print command. Several suggestions are made in that file, the default is to use COPY filename PRN. If you do not have a PostScript printer, it is possible to view and print PostScript files with GhostViev, a public domain software available from many sites, e.g. . Other software is also awailable to view PostScript files.

The testdata set can be extracted from the file seisan_test_data.tar.gz with for example the WinZIP program. Extract the data to the SEISAN top directory. To use the test data base as the default DEF_BASE must be set to TEST (done by default during installation).

Running SEISAN on a PC with data on a Unix system, or the other way around.

With SAMBA, a disk can be mounted between different platforms, for example a Unix file system under Windows. The SEISAN_TOP must then be set to the name of the Unix disk a seen on the PC. All files can be read directly from the Unix disk, however the files IASP91_platform.HED and IASP91_platform.TBL must be present. SEISAN works out which of these files to use. With SAMBA, PC users can then access a Unix SEISAN data base directly using the programs on the PC.

Running SEISAN on networked PC's

SEISAN on one PC can be accessed from another PC. This can be an advantage if several users share the same data base. On the client PC, name the server PC disk where seisan is installed e.g. Z:. Then set seisan_top=z:\.

Potential problems

Program takes a long time to load: If the program is large, it might use disk swap files, which can take a lot of time. Reduce array size ( in INC) and recompile.

Commands like P or L do not work in EEV. If swapping takes place, some damaged swap files or other files might remain which prevents the program from starting. Clean disk with command SCANDISK.

Graphics problem: Graphics programs write text to a console window. If there is a program crash, the error message goes to the console window, which then disappears.

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