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11.1.2 Option for codaq

A special option is to make a file used for input to CODAQ using option 18. The station name CODAQ is selcted and all stations present within the specified distance range are seleted and the output is written in file index.codaq which then contains the event-station combinations used as input to CODAQ. For componet selection, only the orientation code can be used. In addtion to to Z, N or E, also A can be used. This will select all 3 components for a selected station. In example below, all components for stations with 100 km are selected.

 STAT CO Mindis Maxdis Phas All stat hdist->FF
 CODAQ A      0    100

The CODAQ option can also be used to select events in given distance range with a given number of stations if the number of station option is also used.

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