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6.13.1 PITSA

PITSA (Programmable Interactive Toolbox for Seismological Analysis) is a program written by Frank Scherbaum and James Johnson. The program is included in the SEISAN package, updated versions are available at From this version, PITSA is interfaced with the SEISAN system through the program WAVETOOL, which converts waveform files from SEISAN to the GSE2 format. PITSA since version 5.0 supports reading multi channel GSE2 files. PITSA can be started from EEV by typing `pitsa' on the prompt line. All waveform files listed in the S-file will be converted to multi-channel GSE2 files. The multi-converted files are put into your local directory and are named `gse1', `gse2' etc. The response is converted to GSE format. When PITSA is started, the waveform files have to be loaded using the GSE2 input format. The response file names will be given as described in the GSERESP section.

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