Nordic Seminars on Detection Seismology

This webpage host the program and abstract volumns and for the Nordic Seminars on Detection Seismology. If you have a copy (paper/digital) of a volumn that is not on this page please send it to pv at as pdf/word/text or scanned files and it will be added to this list.

TitleHostDateProgramGeneral info
50th Nordic Seismology SeminarSweden2019 x x
49th Nordic Seismology SeminarNORSAR2018 SEP 24-26PDFPDF
48th Nordic Seismology SeminarUniversity of Helsinki2017 JUN 12-14PDFPDF EPOS WWW
47th Nordic Seismology SeminarVEDUR2016 OCT 11-13PDFWWW PDF
46th Nordic Seismology SeminarGEUS2015 SEP 30 - OCT 2PDF PDF
45th Nordic Seismology SeminarUniversity of Uppsala2014 October 8-10PDF PDF
44th Nordic Seismology SeminarUniversity of Bergen2013 September 16-18PDFPDF
43rd Nordic Seismology SeminarGeological Survey of Estonia, Department of Mining, Tallinn University of Technology and Institute of Seismology, University of Helsinki2012 October 24-26PDF WWW
42st Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyIcelandic Meteorological Office, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland2011 October 5-7PDF WWW
41st Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyAarhus UNI2010 October 6-8PDF PDF
40th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyFOI2009 October 14-16PDF
39th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyNORSAR2008 June 4-6PDFPDF
38th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyHelsinki UNI2007 June 13-15PDFWWWPDF
37th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyVEDUR2006 August 21-23PDFWWWPDF
36th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyGEUS2005 June 8-10PDF
31st Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyKMS2000 September 27-29PDF
30th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyFOI1999 October 13-15PDF
26th Nordic Seminar on Detection SeismologyKMS1995 November 20-22PDF